It’s a good day…

For whomever may see this, it’s a good day for a variety of reasons.  First, I’ve wanted to “open” this blog for months now and finally things seem to be coming into place, which makes doing this more practical and feasible, finally.  More to come on this “spin off” of my other endeavors, but for now… this is it.

Next, why not start this on President Obama’s swearing in?  Forever; I’ll be able to say that he and I both started something significant and new in hopes of helping people everywhere; and I like that idea.

Future posts will be exclusively “topical” around my experiences as an Ombudsman, in hopes of providing some insight and educating readings on the value of the service and at the same time holding to the ethics and practices of the profession.  I hope this is not too frowned upon by “peers”.  Cheers… OO


3 Responses to It’s a good day…

  1. Welcome and good luck! I looking forward to your insights on the Ombuds profession.

  2. John Zinsser says:

    I echo Tom’s sentiments.
    Look forward to it.

    I had a blog, not too dissimilar, but a bit more broad – the benefits available by intentional conflict management, not only OOs.

    Can’t wait to take part.


  3. Diane Levin says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere! I’m so impressed by your contributions to the conversation so far. Will look forward to reading more.

    Best wishes,

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