Before You Lose Your Job

In today’s economy our position in life is uncertain, fearful and even chaotic.  Even “the best” people, or so we are told, are losing their jobs.  As an Ombudsman it’s not up to me to make judgments about an issue, but rather to “mediate” on behalf of both sides after ALL of the information has been gathered, organized and reviewed by a team of at least 2 members.

I have seen situations that persisted for years and the employer made “concessions” to keep the employee contributing, but at the same time suffering loss or damages in other areas.  The employer would say they have “considered” the “burden rate” versus what the employee actually earned for the company and it stayed favorable.  In other circumstances though, that little edge or “differentiation” that kept them employed erodes and looses leverage over time and in a variety of ways.

In this case, the employee can contact an Organizational Ombudsman and ask for “a second chance” in hope of a reprieve.  In this scenario, who pays for the service needs sorted out because most often the employer will contract us, but in the above circumstance they may not.  Our job is to simply first get communication started, initial conversations to see if both sides are “open” to reconsidering what is “immanent”.  If this is possible and confirmed verbally, by say HR, the immediate “manager” and the employee, we get “permission” to move forward.

In this circumstance statistics are from the 90’s era, but more than half the time an OO is successful in resolving the issue.

Be careful out there if you think economic circumstances could “force” an employer to let go of “lesser” people than those top performers with millions in “parachutes” and severance packages.


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