The “Ombudsmanship” Opportunity & Role

As many of you know and as I’ve communicated here before, I’ve often expressed the opportunity for the ombudsman role under other business titles or roles.  I call this “ombudsmanship” and you can check the TERMINOLOGY tab for my definition as this word is not in any dictionary.  I’ve also written that I have played such roles in my corporate, business and organizational development practice over the last few decades; and with good success, saving damage to relationships and sometimes, not always, saving a profitable project.  Given the size of the professional ombudsman field and “number of us” out here, it could be beneficial to simply begin promoting the concept with entities that are not yet fully familiar with what we do.

To demonstrate this you might want to look at this recent “job post” for a Director of Business Development.  No doubt this link will expire once the job is filled, so look now, scroll down to the 6th bullet counting up from the bottom of the first set of bullets.  It reads, “Serve as an ombudsman for conflict management between the client and SEI”. Indeed, we are seeing more and more of this, it’s a trend that’s happening more and more.  The strategy here is “customer retention” and “contract management risk mitigation” so as not to get into costly contractual disputes, which can result in a loss of revenue, or worse, a loss of possible key contracts and significant revenue to the company.  I don’t believe anymore, even for small and medium size companies that it’s wise to file for litigation or even begin arbitration.  Many profit margins in today’s economy are “too narrow” to jeopardize and lose profits that can cost jobs and cause “stability” issues.

Again, I always like the opportunity to “prove my case” and this job post is a current example of how “ombudsmanship” is being asked for in the corporate and business levels of companies now.  In terms of organizational development, there is the opportunity here to contact HR of any company and offer ADR, CM or Ombudsmanship training to all levels of management in a company or even organizational ombudsman contract services.  If you do this, don’t forget to show them the “value chain” and cost savings of such an approach.

Finally, if you were to need someone with such a background, I don’t usually “promote myself” here at all normally, but this is the basis of my experience and please contact OO and we can provide collaboration as required.


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