MCP OO Editorial Correction

I have had positive feedback from several subscribers and readers of this blog and the Announces Mediator Certification Program: An OO Editorial Review.  I deliberately left out other significant points and some details that would have made the article way too long for most “reader consumption”, but I must make one “correction” that’s been pointed out more than once to me.

In 1995 the IOA or International Ombudsman Association was the TOA or The Ombudsman Association and UCOA or University and College Ombudsman Association.  The “merger” of the later two organizations formed the IOA in 2005.  Nevertheless, both organizations “aligned” themselves with the ABA’s Mediation Resolutions and accepted their declaration of final  “authority” for purposes of standards and ethics for the Ombudsman profession.   So, this is the technical clarification and historical perspective, however; the “linkage” to the ABA and historical adoptions of their resolutions by many other professional ADR and Mediation organizations is correct.  I’ve researched and documented, where material was accessible to me from “the outside looking in”, and the “legal mediation” relationship that persists today is accurate concerning the IOA.


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