An Ombuds Success, Mary Greenwood & Apology and Thank You

Just some quick and timely observations today on three topics.  First, Ombudsman ADR: The 6 C’s of Sociocratic Peace Building is the most popular article on this OO Blog.  It got a big push months back from Tom K at Ombuds Blog and now John Ford, the editor at  I’ve submitted this article and others “without success” to other professional organizations.  John Ford has been very “inclusive” here if you view this article in context of their “traditional” offerings.  Indeed, “dad is proud” and this article and system has received positive commentary and accolades for months now.  It’s also the top “link back” article on the OO Blog gaining broad popularity and circulation.  Take a look now as the home page changes frequently.

Finally, I admit it, it’s long over due and over looked by me.  Mary Greenwood is the author of How to Mediate Like a Pro a very concise book with a multitude of awards.  It features 42 good guidelines for successful mediation through negotiation.  My review here is that this book has been very valid for me, 9 months into my formal ombuds career, and my favorite rule is #5 or Mediation is not Therapy; Mediation is not legal advice.  Mary Greenwoods process is to “functionalize” negotiation into a mediation process that has relevant and broad application for all forms of “true”  ADR Mediation.  Often I get an email asking something like, “how did you decide to be an ombudsman and how do you get started?”  For many of “us” just starting our “formal” practice, this is a good first book, concise, to the point, about 75 pages total.  You can’t go wrong.

Next, most recently I’ve followed the Palin/Letterman “conflict” being played out on the commercial media.  Last night David Letterman demonstrated his true character with an open apology for a “distasteful joke” that offended Sara Palin and family.  More important, David was “very genuine” with this apology if you caught it live.  If not, it’s worth a look to find a “clip” on the Internet as, my opinion, ‘this is how it’s done’ when giving a sincere apology.  Now, will mom Palin be gracious and accepting and openly say “Thank You”?  I am a big believer in the Apology as a tool to resolution of conflicts.  Most recently the Mediation Channel has had articles and comments on this and Mary Rowe has long advocated this “technique” with years of observed success.  Now, the “Thank You”, I believe, can provide equal heart felt “reciprocal” healing or neutralizing of “hard feelings”.  My observations on life is that once I gave an apology or watched someone else give one, I hoped for “validation”, but often “we just don’t know” how it was accepted.  For me, if an “Apology” is given and genuine, I think the complainant should demonstrate their true feelings too with a “Thank You” to the offender.  How about you?


One Response to An Ombuds Success, Mary Greenwood & Apology and Thank You

  1. mary greenwood says:

    I am the author of How To Mediate Like A Pro and thanks for the kind words about my book. However, it is not my first book. I wrote How To NEgotiate Like A Pro in 2006 and wrote How To Mediate Like A Pro in 2008. The two books have won 16 book awards. Thanks again for the posting.


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