Ombudsman Career Focus

3 October 2009

This time of year begins job hunting, interviewing and staffing activities for the year ahead.  On occasion through the long months of 2009 I have received a handful of  queries for information on becoming an ombudsman.  To help satisfy these information request a bit more, here are a couple of resources to contemplate entering the field or transferring to a “lateral” position that might pay more.

At they provide a broad listing of Ombudsman related titles around ADR, Mediator and Negotiator titles.  While they left out Long Term Care Ombudsman, this resource does give brief job description and alternative considerations for key word job searches on for your local area.  Also keep in mind you can always open your own practice on a consulting basis also.  Hope this helps out in your future for 2010.

If you have not made any firm  decisions on your career, sometimes checking salary and benefits helps with that.  You can find a Google ranked and published Consumer Ombudsman Salary Survey on also.

The idea now is to take the broader titles from the website and key word search them in Payscale for yourself, it helps to open a free account in which case they store all your salary searches for “current or what if” scenarios you may be contemplating.  After your heart is set on the ideal position, you can then go back to, which again remembers your latest key word or job title searches and alerts you with “new” job post each time you visit the page.  I also keep “Ombudsman Jobs” in my blogroll links to the right here… have a look and click for nationwide listings.

If and when a Health Care Bill passes and is signed into law, you can expect a surge of job openings with NORC and change is in the air because they just redesigned their website offering more resources and information than ever before.  Take a look.

In addition to the above career and job considerations, volunteering can help establish experience for a paid position later and NAFCM provides membership opportunities including expansion and opening of new locations or joining existing member centers.

Given “our” national economic situation in America, from the heart, I wish everyone the best possible in a new career of service to others in future years.