The New Ombudsperson and The Quantum Activist

17 April 2011

In my own practice as a “progressive and innovative” Ombuds I listen for and “observe” my clients for opportunities to “transcend” or move their awareness beyond “duality, polarization and ego” so as to create the opportunity for a solution to their issue or conflict.  I don’t always get the opportunity to do this.  Indeed, I have used the “Matrix” movies as examples on occasion with clients so as to open their mind to the reality that “life is a drama” being played out and that we can make choices in a moment outside of societal conditioning and traditional approaches (legal).  I propose to them that when “conflict arises” it signals the opportunity to learn something; and personally and possible “grow and evolve” beyond the given paradigm they are in especially if they are in a repeating pattern.  I may also suggest reading material or other “media” if the client appears to be open to it and it’s fitting.  Thus, The Quantum Activist now also provides insight to the dynamics of life, creation, conflict and mention how a “mediator’ is needed from the “science” side of the mysticism and metaphysical “coin” of life and our existence in the Universe.

Amit Goswami PhD is The Quantum Activist. He discusses the subject of Quantum Mechanics and sprinkles his words of wisdom through out the film on topics relevant to “us” as Ombuds.  He speaks to conflict, need for mediation, duality, cycles of creation and pauses between cycles of conflict that do provide the opportunities for changing oneself and the world at the same time.

It’s my hope that you will view this film and that it will provided a “higher perspective” of awareness so as to keep us from possibly getting caught up in or even becoming “part of the problem” in our work rather than neutral, truly independent and suggesting solutions for both sides of the table with clients.  This is “empowering” of us to “enable” clients in their choices.

Keeping this post short, very busy nowadays as the economy struggles along, but I think this is an insightful and inspiring documentary pointing to the “high ground” our profession can take… above and beyond “man’s laws” and more in line with Universal Laws of Creation that acknowledge the cycles and CHOICES for harmony or chaos.  Enjoy.

On Netflix here:


YouTube Trailer here:


The New Ombudsperson: Career Choice And The MBTI Instrument

28 October 2010

I have the distinct pleasure this year, several times, to talk to many individuals contemplating becoming an Ombudsperson.  Some were offered a volunteer position of some sort in elder care, others recognize they have played a similar role consistently in their previous or current job; and still others are simply curious.  To help evaluate this personal decision you may want to consider taking the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI to determine if your innate personality characteristics are suited to the profession.  This is but one step to help come to a decision; and could assist with guidance towards any type of career consideration.

I bring this into the equation because in my “other practice” in 2009 I had bid a project and then was asked to take the MBTI online and submit the results for purposes of “team makeup” they said, which I did.  I’d also taken this, as many of you also probably have, as an undergrad in college where requirements to be a “lab rat” to graduate were also required.  What I noticed is that in the approximate 30 year time span from my original MBTI and the 2009 “test”, I’d kept consistent with my “assigned category” from then to now, which can be good or bad depending on how one wants to look at it.

Below are some raw links to further investigate for yourself and even take the “exam”.  It can also be administered in person professionally, please Google for yourself to explore dozens of resources online:

To spike your interest even further here is a table of personality type categories below:

And if you’ve stayed with me this far, nope, didn’t win that bid, but rediscovered “why” I took the degree program I did 30 years ago and “why” I continue to be what I am today.  I hope this helps everyone select a potential new career for 2011 that is in alignment with your “core” disposition; or confirm your present career choice. Oh, and in case you are wondering… INFJ.

Ombudsman ADR: “Factual Context” Technique

22 August 2010

Normally, by June or July, I like to do something on trends for the year and 2010 trends are something very different from 2009 and all my my previous experience with dispute or conflict management “internally”.  Contacts with individuals is up, but actually getting to the table or taking an engagement is down considering the ratio of contacts to intakes.  There is a variety of contributing factors, but I’d like to take this moment to focus on something to help anyone in our “craft” keep a handle on the turmoil and chaos they may be experiencing with “potential” clients.

It’s no secret by now that there is a lot of economic chaos happening as we speak and this adds exponentially to individual and group stress resulting in conflict.  My projections for small and medium sized business at the beginning of the year, unfortunately, are proving to be even more serious than I could have “existentially” imagined.  Large corporations are another situation all together currently, with both positive and negative impacts on individuals and communities “they serve”.  It’s tough, it’s hard for everyone, even the “elite” are complaining they didn’t get their full “due” when they had to step down, getting only half their millions instead of all that their interest was worth two years ago.  Currently, as I’m contacted, the issues revolve around “survival” of the business, employees as “family” now, while maintaining some, I repeat, some level of courtesy and decorum.  Regarding partner relationships between contracted employees, long time customers or supplier companies they had contracts or agreements to do business with, these are simply dissolving rapidly.  As I read the news and “listen” to what comes in, clearly there is a split down the middle and the normal bell curve one would expect to reflect the middle class income bracket is now inverted, but it’s more than just a “dip” in the road.

Our frustration has been to communicate clearly, get a good intake, listen carefully, but invariably emotions, anger, tension are more at the “surface” of what someone may have to say about their struggles and establishing any form of “factual context” concerning what basis they have for a complaint is exaggerated, embellished and misrepresented oft times.  Continued “cycling” with a focus on “lesser emotional struggling” and pointing out that perpetuating the “struggle” will not get to a goal they want.  I find myself, in trying to be altruistic and proactive for them, becoming more of just a “listener” while refusing to take the role of “anger management” counselor.  Keeping with “factual context” can circumvent the individuals emotional struggles, anger and even depression and provide the context to focus on their goals as a solution to the problem and establish again or learn to “own” an ethical approach again.

As a technique towards a “permanent” solution, it doesn’t always work, but to cut through the emotional chaos of the moment, we find the following has helped:

  • Frequently remind them in the interview that we need to document the factual context of the dispute.
  • More patience is required at this moment, but they can speed things up if they can just relax and focus on our exchange.
  • If I hear something potentially out of context, make a note and check it again after some time has passed.
  • Ask them to slow down and “reflect” on their statements and determine if they “ring true” or is something else happening.
  • Can they produce any material that supports a factual context versus their emotional declaration in the moment.
  • If detected in the “cycling”, ask them to check themselves to see if they are reverting back to “emotional struggling” again.
  • Asking if they see themselves contributing calmly to a solution and even questioning if they want that or something else.
  • Creating “factual context” list as their constant reminders prior to “shuttling” and/or them contacting the other party.
  • Ask them to meditate or contemplate in quiet, their situation and then contact us again after 48 hours.

Yes, I’ve written about the “blue ocean” of opportunity many times and it’s certainly over flowing currently, not just on the OO side, but in my other business consultancy also.  I have to admit, as busy as things are, it can get or am overwhelmed lately and for the first time I have to watch my energy, not get drained or let “burn out” take over.  I have to watch my own “tensions” with family and friends more, how about you?  Focusing on and firmly addressing and discovering the facts about their issue related to the context of their situation has proven a good technique or method to help keep a sustained focus; thus bringing “order from chaos” as best as possible.  It prevents excessive levels of “complexity” being introduced also, because often individuals want to discuss more than what can be handled and go out of “context”.  I hope these trend observations and discussion will help all who read it here as we are going to be more challenged than ever in months and years ahead to “make a choice” to peacefully resolve disputes/conflicts or polarize and damage personal, business and economic relationships; possibly beyond repair.

Ethical “Disconnect”: Corporate Business Models, Universities & Student Plagiarism

2 August 2010

What I’m about to set forth here is my opinion based on years of business experience, being a part-time university instructor and more recently an “independent” ombudsperson separate from any formal affiliation with “institutions”, be they universities, corporations or government.  I sometimes, not frequently, get propositioned with e-mail and phone calls to participate with college students by mentoring, tutoring, expert opinion interviews, mock ADR sessions etc.  I also get requests to take online tests, complete homework papers, make capstone or thesis proposals and other forms of “cheating” and plagiarizing of course work.  I also recently took an anonymous call from a student who’s on campus ombudsman office, due to policy, would not “take the case”, but they seemed “guilty” as charged because they had difficulty disclosing details while engaging in anonymous guidance?  It’s this last call that’s prompting this article.  As the fall school cycle approaches I must point out, more than any other situation and issue facing America today, this is the most critical and damaging to all areas of our society, especially business, the economy and commerce.  Here’s why…

I have had, on occasion, the opportunity to bring up the topic of cheating and plagiarism with associates and colleagues and to my own astonishment, the topic of discussion is quickly diverted and participation “shunned” and even warnings or caution given not to bring it up again.  In fact, this moment, I’m well aware that the only reason I can discuss this here in my own blog is I’m not employed by an institution that would most likely view this content as politically incorrect; and I’m ethical and confidential about my “sources” at such times as this.  Nevertheless, here is just a tiny pinch of interesting Internet and media “discussion” I’ve picked up so as to have my perspective and some background on this issue IF you’ve been lifting the rug and sweeping it away yourself.

In a recent study by the Center For Academic Integrity it was discovered that cheating by university students is a “pandemic” at this time.  Some highlights of the study:

  • 90% of students surveyed said they didn’t believe cheaters would be caught.
  • 85% said cheating is necessary to get ahead
  • 75% of students admitted cheating.
  • 90% of foreign students at New Zealand universities admitted plagiarizing work in an anonymous pole.

Here’s a story and video about a university “pulling degrees” ad hoc after investigating “complaints” from employers.

Here’s a CNN story showing how the Internet enables plagiarism and the International listings for thousands of on-line libraries of papers for students and custom writing of papers guaranteed free of plagiarized content… clearly the definition of plagiarism has a new liberal shift.

You too are probably familiar with the very early Harvard Law School and University of Virginia media publicized scandals and I won’t detail those, but there is a lot happening now that the Internet enables the “seamless” work group business model between students, professors/instructors and corporations.  I researched these and others and discovered that back then, like now, this moment, the majority of university ombuds offices will not take any case where there is a dispute between faculty and students regarding “unethical” test or homework practices.  They have to stay politically correct while the reputation of individuals and media scandals “damage” the innocent and honest students that worked hard to maintain the quality and standards of their alma mater and employer, not to mention their own self-esteem.  A huge gap here in ethics, morality and doing the right thing.

Some of the attitudes I’ve run into, not from a handful, but dozens of MBA and Ph.D educators is very lax and liberal to say the least.  I’ve heard of and watched them doing work for students on-line, believe it or not, under their own names when the obvious thing would be to create a “pseudo” personality to do such unethical practices.  To them it’s “okay”, they give a variety of “rational” arguments, my favorite is that President Clinton “redefined” what sex is and isn’t, they realized that applies to other “ethical” areas also.  No harm done they insist and in this economy they say they need the income if they are unemployed.  For me personally, in these conversations, I refuse to “breach” my personal ethics and take a steadfast “death before dishonor” stance.  With one person I argued back that this was all fine until one realizes that the new CPA had their exams and tests taken by someone else and the law shields them from liability between their client and the government.  Or how about the engineer that builds in a design flaw on a new car or worse yet and aircraft resulting in recalls, waves of financial loss and even crashes that kill people by the family or whole plane loads… disgusting.  This last week a scandal regarding FBI agents cheating on a “legal knowledge” test is also adding to my personal bias now in getting this post out.  Again, this is just the tip of it all and I lose more “friends” this way…

I’ve also talked with university students that told me it was the unspoken yet accepted “culture” in certain circles in the university to work on projects that a professor was project lead for that a corporation was outsourcing to the university for because it’s cost-effective in that the “donation” made to the institution is tax-deductible, they get the results needed for their next product innovation and funds for R&D have dried up and are not tax-deductible or have policy limits.  This is fine, a competitive strategy indeed, but passing down work this way and then “making issues” or holding the student responsible is a the typical negative end result.  In this “power structure” the student is at a severe disadvantage. The students then describe the “pressures” from professors if they don’t produce, effect on grades and so they know they can go “outside” and on-line to get published “ideas” AND employ the Web2.0 model linking to anyone globally that can do the work.

The corporations themselves want to be profitable for shareholder quarterly earnings statements, if public, or if private, stakeholders in a joint-venture have a lot of power and “outsourcing” of jobs cuts labor costs to bring projects in on-time and on budget. Unfortunately students have told me that this business model and philosophy is well learned by students who “outsource” their own work, once they learn how, on basic subjects that they can’t do too because they don’t have the time or skill to learn or do the work, but have plenty of money for from student loans, scholarships, family trusts and even under the table stipends that are more linked to college athletics in the media than what we are discussing here.  Mixing up “priorities” gets in the way too of proper decision-making and is another factor I see personally.  Additionally, there’s a huge “ego” problem as students go to their party and brag how their work is being done as they speak, they outsourced it, just like the company they want to work for when they graduate.

To wrap this up, from my “arm-chair”, it’s already too late and it will take “ethical individuals” establishing a reputation that differentiates them from the majority of unethical student/university/corporate society to “make it right”. Surely such ethical individuals will soon be scapegoats and become disenfranchised quickly as they go against the grain of the “accepted cultural practices”.  Add to this a VORTEX of increasing or doubling of tuition to prop up faculty retirement funds from recent Wall Street loses, raising or holding to large salaries for existing faculty or corporate executives, no job for them “as promised” after graduation because it’s outsourced; and the corporate, university, government sponsored capital all link together in “cycle” to keep the status quo at tax payer expense in a severely economically contracting market.  NO ONE has the answer or is facing the reality of this mess because we compromised our educations choosing immediate gratification today over quality and delayed gratification based on honest work, ethics and true merit.  We wonder how Intellectual Property is “lost” to a foreign market?  The answer to that question, though outside the subject of this article, is also answered in this same relational business education “corrupt” model.  This is the conundrum.  This is the critical “big picture” mess everything is in nowadays and it’s embedded in the ever closer relationship between individuals and institutions linked directly to compromised educational and corporate business values at ALL levels of society.

Integrity “Inside-Out”: Brooksley Born

2 June 2010

As I watch Warren Buffet testify today and defend the credit rating agencies for their role in the economic meltdown, I’ve had this article in draft for awhile… it’s time; and it contains another perspective on “fault” for the crisis we are in.

I am a firm believer, that most often, change, comes from the “outside-in”.  If one studies events from out in the cosmos down to and through the sub-atomic particles whipping around under electron microscopes, we notice that change is exerted by any number and types of “catalysts” operating freely and independently of structure and bodies so as to create change.  I’ve written many times that the foundation for such individuals who exert change or acts as a catalyst  in our profession; they need, more than technical certification by their “club”, they need to be ethical if not fully embody integrity.  You can simply look back through historical biographies and pick out those who posses integrity and then determine if they were operating as part of an organization or entity (inside) or operating externally (outside) in relation to the entity they impacted.

I am passionate about this topic because I “know” ethics and integrity are  in fact the key to changes in society that need to take place; especially in terms of social systems and structures including government, corporations, universities and communities in general.  It is personally alarming to me the incremental steps being taken by many organizations and in government towards consolidation of power and wealth as a means to preserve the status qou at the expense of customers or constituents they are supposed to serve.  You may, for yourself, want to take a moment to observe and reflect what’s really going on in America today and realize that wherever and whenever integrity is left out of the model towards developing a solution to critical problems… it fails to have the desired outcome; even if everyone seems to be well-intentioned.  I’ve even recently listened to “talking heads” in the media say that if you can’t review information objectively and with ethical integrity, the cost and capacity to make informed decisions  “gets lost”, to me this sounds like almost every major institution in America today.  I’ll leave this here at this moment by just saying that our own profession is trending towards dangerous outcomes if it does not restore integrity as part of the standards and principles we practice by.  It’s so easy to “mouth” this, do we do it or are we continuing to shore up and protect ideologies and paradigms long needing a change?  Are we genuine, inclusive, enabling and empowering or are we continuing to be “self serving” and thus ignoring our very own standards and principles we apply to others?

And now for the inspiration behind this months post, Brooksley Born and The Warning PBS Frontline documentary.  Once, a long time ago, a mentor of mine, when I was a young man, used to talk to me about the “disenfranchised” in society.  At the time, I didn’t really understand, not like today, what he was trying to tell me.  And so, I can tell him now, “I get it”.  I stumbled across this PBS Frontline documentary “The Warning” about how we came to this economic meltdown, which by the way was an eye opener for me, the “meltdown” is not over and my other communications reflect this; we are in for more turmoil ahead.  Brooksley Born also states this clearly and you can watch and see integrity first hand in the 55 minute The Warning documentary.  We’ve all read, watched and listened to news stories about “could it have been avoided” from 9/11 to the Challenger space shuttle and now, to the current economic crisis, name it what you will, recession, depression or whatever.  In my business practice and ombuds practice I am frequently pointing out “what ifs” and consequences for apathy or ill intentioned choices and even flat-out power grabs and greed… I’ve seen a lot of it and do my best to try and “temper” the situation and make a difference.   In this documentary Brooksley Born “acts” from the “inside-out” in the US Government’s Commodity Futures Trading Commission to try and be a change agent, a catalyst to protect and serve the American public and in the end is “disenfranchised” for it.  She’s not only working correctly “inside-out” in her authority and role in service to the American public, but she embodies “inside-out” ethics and integrity as the foundation to confront “political culture” at its worst.  If you are on the “outside-in” trying to do this, you would be labeled a “rogue” or even “social terrorist” or “activist” if taken to extremes, for even attempting to bring influence from outside the “red ocean elite” power structure.  As you watch The Warning, there are a lot of “talking heads”, but whenever Brooksley Born is speaking, pay close attention especially towards the end, when all the context of current problems, pending financial reform legislation and our future is at stake… she knows what she’s talking about, but really… are we listening?

Ombudsperson ADR: “Lofty Idealist” & the “Real World” of an OO

9 May 2010

“Lofty Idealist”, do you know this person?  I do.  I love this guy/girl especially when I all of a sudden recognize them in our communications about the profession; there are a lot of us out there I’ve discovered… nice.  They are honest to the core, well intentioned at all times, take a practical approach to difficult situations, keep with an open mind and display a sort of naive’ innocence, hold to the highest of ethics and values as best they can; all the while knowing that at any moment “reality bites”.  To help you spot them as an Ombudsman ADR leader they could be left-handed, you might notice their prescription “rose colored glasses”, some volume of We The People: A Guide to Sociocratic Principles and Methods on their bedroom nightstand, framed along side their degrees are Ethics and Standards “reminders” on the wall; and as you enter their office restroom, a abstract picture of Don Quixote thrusting a windmill is over the “throne”.  If you bump into them it will be in a coffee shop /  book store, community event or non-profit project where they know they can apply their skills and serve others incognito if needed.  If you get the chance to brunch with them you’ll notice a person firmly committed to their ideals, polite, attentive, altruistic about others in conversation and constantly pointing out “right from wrong” in the polarized paradigms of culture and society on each sub-topic of contemporary society in the conversation.  They also never complain or become a part of the problem, rather, recognize it’s important to stay “independent” so they can provide a solution and communicate it like “magic”.  Rarely do they “rage against the machine” because they realize they are within “six degrees of separation”, we are “all One” in the world.  They make the best of their position be it working from the “inside out” in a large entity they know is not perfect, or from the “outside in”, not polarizing and judging, but embracing conflict towards peaceful goals for all.  They live and breath it… don’t they?  They also know to take each day… one day at a time and that it’s okay to leave it undone for the moment if “loved one” needs them… tomorrow arrives soon enough.  Wise, ethical, inclusive and patient with everyone is this Lofty Idealist.

In the “real world” of disputes and conflicts Lofty Idealist “leads by example” at all times and is “collaborative” with all callers and email from “seekers of truth and justice” knowing “in the moment” that such lofty perspectives are relevant to each individuals perspective.  Lofty is a skilled communicator able to “cut to the core” issue as presented from one side of the table and where inequities are detected, provide counsel so as to enlighten or transform the “victim’s” mentality and/or perspective.

Lofty also knows in today’s economy the time required to do intake and analysis far exceeds most client’s bank balances and they negotiate fees based on their altruistic excesses resulting in a ratio of open cases over successes on formalized terms agreements.  The reality faced by Lofty, given the volume of disputes and conflict thrown at them, is that they can serve more people doing ODR than in person.  They are flexible in their business model and dispute resolution procedure by allowing sessions to flow into asymmetrical conflict or dispute coaching if they can’t get the other side to follow the 3rd C, cooperation, which is the true reality a majority of the time.  They are loyal and relentless with their client via empathetic and neutral sentence formulation and terminology so as to provide salve for the “internal conflict” the client often experiences.

There’s more to Lofty Idealist than is discussed here or than “meets the eye”, but you get the idea.  As time passes, and this will take decades no doubt, Lofty is like a soothing rush of a stream over the “rocks of ages”, gently shaping and changing culture and society one moment at a time, one day at a time, one client at a time.  In the same vein, Lofty has turned the loneliness of the profession into a pillar of solitude and strength so as to muster and prepare for the next “noble” encounter.  When given the chance, Lofty is more interested in communicating out in the “real world” at open community meetings about Ombudsperson ADR, non-legal informal methods and the “whys” of it all; rather than with “vertically aligned” peers or entities where “preaching to the choir” is of little innovative value to those we serve.

Finally, if Lofty Idealist “vibrates” with you as to how and where the profession is unfolding I’d say just let yourself “slip out of the box” and take the facts and constraints you face and have the courage to “paradigm shift” them yourself.   There’s no “right or wrong” about this, it’s about identifying what needs changed, proposing that solution, working it ad infinitum and then simply doing your absolute best work with all involved.  What I’ve noticed many times is you won’t get personal validation for you or your client… but all of a sudden “miracles can happen” and policy, rules, exceptions or “gaps” are changed… it’s subtle when it happens… keep alert out there.

The New Ombudsman: Esotericism and Ethics

24 January 2010

It’s the time of year where we all look back over the last year and prepare to continue the voyage by adapting, learning and adjusting our sails so to speak.  In reviewing my contributions on this blog, easily, one of the constant themes I advocate is the “ethics and integrity” of the profession.  I have been doing this because my personal experiences and knowledge have led me, over the decades, to identify these personality characteristics as being key to general business success.  It’s NOT enough to simply talk about “best practice” or what your company is doing to be more socially responsible and attuned to the needs of stakeholder, the local community and customers.  It’s important to BE “it” and it takes courage to do so at the risk of being “politically incorrect” since, depending on the source of information, approximately 80-90% of the population lacks “ethics” as a basis to conduct their relationships.  So, in order to provide some basis I’d like to share something very interesting I discovered over the holidays from a family member who validated my consideration of “ethics” in society in a very esoteric way.

During the holidays we all chat and catch up with each other, share opinions on every topic imaginable and one of those topics was December 21st in the year 2012.  There are all forms of entertainment and esoteric research documentaries on this, just Google 2012 video for a long list of links.  I’ve personally spent some leisure time watching them, including prophecy regarding the Mayan Calendar and the 2012 date.  What one particular family member had to introduce me to was more interesting to me than anything else about the “the end of the world” and that was the Mayan Calendar of the Conscious Evolution of Earth.  If you have to scroll down to see it, I’ve put it at the end of the post here, right click on it for a larger view in another tab or new window as you read along with me.

As I have now researched and read and had it explained to me by my sibling, this calendar is a MAP of our Universe with relation to it’s Consciousness expanding and moving from single cell life through billions of years to become “homo-sapient” today.  Personally, I can see, as I contemplate the Calendar Steps of the pyramid, that some civilizations and cultures are in their Tribal  and Regional stage of development and achievement.  In other civilizations it depicts scientific, technological and advances in awareness at the Planetary and Galactic levels.   The map also depicts the same number of steps you’d see on a pyramid if visiting any one of them on the Yucatan Peninsula.  The first step is the inception of the Universe and “life” as we know it.  I won’t take time to go into excess detail, but anyone interested should research this for themselves knowing that the Mayans had this as a form of reference and it was given to them by the God “Quetzalcoatl” according to myth or legend, take your pick.

So here I am, looking at this esoteric information and I can’t help, but notice what my family member has pointed out to me based on a discussion about “important personal characteristics to be an ombudsman”; and that is on the 8th step up.  In January 5th of 1999 we entered the Galactic phase of conscious evolution and the cornerstone of what “life” is to achieve is… the practice of Ethics in our relationships and everything we do.  For me personally I have just observed the world around me, watched the news and other media flooding our minds daily and long ago came to my own conclusion that people want truth, honesty, character, integrity, justice, fairness and any other relevant adjective you can think of and they are screaming for it daily all around us.  While they scream for it from our representatives in government, the even bigger question and test is going to be, “will they become “it” themselves first?”  Anyway, if you glance up to the 10th and last step, Universal consciousness, this happens almost 2 full years prior to December 21, 2012 and to me this means we are going to see significant change and the conscious integration of all previous “steps”.  These are not single moments or events in time, but from what I have been told and learned, these are the final steps in our current 76,000 year evolutionary path from an Earth perspective.

In the last year I’ve noticed that clients demand transparency in business, “mouth it” to others, but a vast majority of my time is spent coaching or raising awareness where an individual is emotionally caught up in the idea of justice for themselves at the expense of others.  In order for our profession to help people move out of this, we need to seriously check ourselves and be sure we too are able to, for example, not concern ourselves so much with our own self serving needs in ADR work, but making sure we can communicate and move others to follow our example and listen to and meet ethical needs of others.  I would say, and this is just a glimpse here, we are on the verge of being in a new “Ethical Age” and the dynamics and interactions between individuals up through world government is fascinating to observe; and given the moment of chance… advance to a more Ethical world.  If you really wanted to be in the right profession at the right time… it appears we are in the right place.

Happy New Year to everybody… from the heart.

Fig. A  The Mayan Calendar of Conscious Evolution of Earth