Of Interest

This page is of “indirect interest” to our profession, but of “cultural interest” regarding happy and peaceful events in our society.


Amit Goswami: The Quantum Activist

This documentary covers many functions of ombuds work from an alternative perspective with references to mediation, communication, polarity, pauses between conflicts and more.

On Netflix here:


Website: http://www.QuantumActivist.com

YouTube Trailer here:


This video is a bit old and the researcher, Ian Xel Lungold, is deceased, but this is the best overall glimpse on the topic of the Mayan Calendar and Evolutionary Consciousness per one of my recent posts on ETHICS for the Ombudsman Profession and the times we live in from a cosmic perspective on Earth.  It’s in 16 parts lasting 10-12 minutes each with part 1 here to begin what is a couple of intense, but fun hours of esoteric study.  Hope you enjoy.


When Above & Beyond bring Justine Suisse on board for vocals in a production they become OceanLab.  In 2008 they produced a popular album “Sirens of the Sea”.  Just released 8 June 2009 is the now remixed double CD featuring their “progressive vocal trance” sound.  This is the promotional video for OceanLab  “Miracle” (A&B Club Mix – Radio Edit), the album version is 7:37 minutes and considering everything I listen to in a year; this is exceptional and  has my “Anthem of the Year” for 2009 vote.  Very uplifting, enjoy…


Gretchen Rubin has a very interesting web site, so here it is via The Ombuds Blog:  The Happiness Project

Did you know there is one country in the world that does NOT measure GDP or Gross Domestic Product?  Instead, it has a 5 year initiative that measures GDH or Gross Domestic Happiness as a concept and includes Wellness measures and spiritual values based on sustainable development, cultural values, natural environment and good governance as the preferred measure of their society’s status.  Do you know which country?  Click here

The Atkinson Foundation provides grants and sponsors initiatives for the improvement of society, justice, civil liberties, community engagement and improving government’s role.  One country is leading the way with their Index of Wellbeing: Measuring What Matters in addition to measuring GDP.  I found this on the CBC.ca web site broadcast.  Who is it?  Click here


Do you have 11 minutes to stop… breathe and listen?  The London Philharmonic Orchestra’s rendition of Led Zepplin’s classic Stairway To Heaven released 21 October 1997.  Enjoy…


For the first entry here, I did get to stream the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize live event over CNN.  As an avid music fan in my “down time” I’ve known of Robyn for many years as a pop singer from Sweden.  I’m happily surprised, 12 years after her introduction to the public, to see and hear her “hit” song “With Every Heart Beat” performed live with the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra 10 December 2008.  For the record, that’s Andreas Kleerup, also from the Swedish “electronic and dance” music scene with her.  She speaks to my passion for peace as an ombudsman and human being.  See if the music and words speak to you too…


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